Breaking the silence...


Hello beautiful people!!!
I am so sorry for my loooooong silence! Life just kinda got in the way, being in my finals and all...everything is just sooo hectic, I barely have time for myself.
Anyways, i just finished with the semesters exams and they where fabulous by the way...thanks for asking *batts eyelashes* today i've decided to break the silence *phew*...

I've really missed sharing my thoughts and tips with you guys, feels refreshing to be in the meantime, i'm gonna make good use of my free time (hehe, i juss rhymed #bars) to bring you guys all the interesting/inspiring posts i have in store for you *from my PurpleHeart* sit tight and enjoy!

P.S: I came across this video of a guy using his kids to workout and i found it really hilarious, so i decided to share :D I hope it makes you laugh too..LOL.

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