Mix n Match 'em.....Ankara style!


Its always fun and trendy to mix colors and prints, even more so when you are doing it with the vibrant fabric of Ankara!
You can mix your ankara with dry lace or chiffon or even mix two ankara fabrics of different color or pattern.
 Was really inspired by "The Fashion Engineer's" style.....

Check out: 
Her blog here and her ankara post here

Design your fabrics with lace, silk materials and chiffon, embellish with sequins, beads, stones, buttons and even feathers. You can also incorporate ankara fabric on a pair of jeans.

So get mixing and matching.....and have fun while doing it...Ankara style!

Lots and Lots of Love...From my PurpleHeart :*

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7 thoughts

  1. I luv it.......so cool*wink*

  2. Being probably the biggest fan of Ankara, I love this article and it's giving me some great ideas! Hmmm

    1. I'm really glad you found this helpful! :D

    2. a white crop top and an ankara jogger.

  3. Nice,keep it up


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